Just like the famous hug between FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne and Williams when contract negotiations began. The photos of this hug made the rounds of social media and were ridiculed by members. There is no doubt that the actual contract — provided a full contract has been written — contains far more attacks on workers than the selfish highlights published by the UAW. As always, the union`s intention is to hold the votes as soon as possible without giving workers the opportunity to study the agreement they have signed. A Worker in Toledo told the WSWS that the workers did not receive a full copy of the 2007 contract until 2011, four years later. More than 40% of Fiat Chrysler`s 36,000 hourly workers are considered beginners. Under the previous contract, they earned $16 to $19 per hour, compared to $28 for experienced employees. United Auto Workers union president Dennis Williams on Friday expressed confidence that Fiat Chrysler workers would accept a more lucrative contract proposal after rejecting an earlier version of the deal. It was one of the longest rounds of UAW negotiations in recent times, during which Detroit expected three old and new workers whom a rich contract would make up for years of concessions and union leadership did not understand the importance of thousands of new recruits who were experiencing negotiations for the first time. Pushed by their union, the auto industry pioneered the spread of wealth in the 20th century.

But the model of a «social contract» began to crumble. Salaries: Long-term employees hired before 2007 receive salary increases of 3% in the first and third year of the contract and lump sum bonuses of 4% in the second and fourth years. Unofficial Facebook pages emerged and filled the void when the official UAW Facebook pages did not provide frequent updates. The UAW then hired BerlinRosen, a professional public relations firm that published news and contract details. The release of the summary of a four-year deal follows Tuesday`s joint press conference between UAW President Dennis Williams and FCA chief Sergio Marchionne, during which the two men praised the «alignment of interests» between the union and the company and spoke of ending any «adversarial relationship.» The new agreement aims to take the corporate relationship to an even higher level, with the UAW playing the role of the entrepreneur and health insurance company tasked with intensifying the exploitation of the workers it claims to represent. «You`re not happy with the first contract you get,» Mary Finney, 43, said on the last day of the vote as she left her job at the Ford Truck Plant in Dearborn. «That`s why we call it negotiations.» Senior employees would receive a lump sum bonus of $4,000 in advance, two general salary increases of 3% and two lump sum bonuses of 4%. The combined bonuses and wage increases would result in profits of $20,000 for a typical production worker over the course of the four-year contract.

In the end, the parties avoided a strike and the UAW contracts brought big monetary gains and better benefits for workers at General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – all without a strike that would have been devastating for a booming industry. But he believes there are enough novelties for members to give him the OK. Schwartz said he answered many questions from members and offered a way to ensure equal pay for entry-level workers. He had only seen a 50-50 chance that the first treaty would be ratified. The WSWS calls on workers to start forming such committees now to block the UAW`s efforts to get the deal through before workers have a chance to read and study the contract. Workers should insist on the right to have the contract for several weeks before a vote takes place. Committees should establish lines of communication—between different factories and between autoworkers and other sections of the working class in the United States and around the world—to launch a working class offensive against auto bosses and the entire ruling class. In presenting a new interim contract described by United Auto Workers leaders as «one of the richest ever negotiated,» union president Dennis Williams appeared confident Friday that negotiators have ratified this time by their 40,000 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles members. Vernita Glover, a Level 2 worker who voted against the first proposed contract, said she would vote in favour. (Level 2 is the entry level and Level 1 is a Veteran.) The UAW`s deal with General Motors is similar, but in some ways much richer than the deal ratified last week by Fiat Chrysler workers. Here are some highlights of a summary of the contract, some of which were photographed and posted by several members on Facebook pages.

The union should share the full summary with the media and members in the evening. That was more than four months after the sun fell on the official handshake ceremonies that kicked off the formal phase of talks in July. It was 67 days after the old contracts expired and came a day before Detroit`s first big snowfall. .

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