Rancho Guadalupe

San Pedro, Dolores Hidalgo


“Rancho Guadalupe” is a Fertile Ranch and is Located Just 7.5 kilometers (4.66 miles) after Los Rodriguez or 27 kilometers (16.77 (miles) from San Miguel de Allende. Just on the limit of San Miguel de Allende County and Dolores Hidalgo County.

It was producing previously Organic Products which were exported to the United States.

It has 98.4459 Hectares with 1,066 (662.38 miles) meters of front to the road and is Fully Fenced.

It has a Well of 8″ with 240,000 m3 authorized from the “CNA” National Commission of the Water. The well is drilled at 240 meters and the water mirror is at 123 meters.

The Temperature of the water is 37º Celsius or 98.6º Fahrenheit.

Then it could be used for a Recreational Purposes. Raise Cows or for Horses. Of course as an agriculture destination.

It is also very important to inform that there are many huge Ranches of Prestigious Firms or Private Owners next to Rancho Guadalupe.

San Miguel de Allende is just 25 minutes away but you could buy groceries and many things just 5 minutes away on Los Rodriguez Community. Or just a couple of minutes on “Pozo de Balderas” or “San Pedro” Community.

Finally the Price is very low in comparison with another Ranches close by.

Owner is Firm in price of only $250,000 MN Pesos per Hectare.

Call Right now the Expert in RANCHOS from ABC REALTY.

Do not let it go!

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  • Ref Number: ABC-24625
  • Price:
  • San Miguel a Propiedad : 27.5 Kilómetros
  • Hectáreas : 98.5 Hectareas
  • CNA Concesión : 240,000 m3 Agua
  • Precio por Hectárea ( $ MN ) : $250,000
  • Pozos : 1 Pozo
  • Pulgadas del Tubo del Pozo 1 : 8 Pulgadas
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