Rancho El Kiwi

Corralejo | San Miguel de Allende

Rancho “EL KIWI” is the Gold Dream of many Developers.

Well It has a Prime Location. It is located on the Road to Queretaro City very close to the “San Miguel de Allende Polígono Empresarial” and just 9.5 kilometers or just 10 minutes, from One of the Most Beautiful Cities in the World: San Miguel de Allende.

It has 102.2481 Hectares or 255 Acres of fertile land. The Land is Flat with an Ideal 2% unevenness for the Construction of a Residential Development.

It has Two Frontages:

1 ) 837 meters or 2,746 Ft. on the main highway going to Queretaro.

2 ) 780 meters or 2,559 Ft. on the road going to Jalpa.

“CNA” National Commission of the Water gives a couple of concessions:

a ) It has the right of the use of a 6″ Well with water volume of 240,000 m3 per year ( this one is a Natural Thermal Water)

b ) It has the right of the use of a 4″ Well with water volume of 120,000 m3 per year.

The Natural Thermal Water gives the Potential for a Recreative Development.

The municipal authorities have authorized for a residential development, sectioned in lots of 500 m2

It has a one floor colonial style house: 500 m2 of construction. Mexican glazed tiles swimming pool. This structure has the possibility to be adapted into a club house.

It is 10 dripping irrigation system hectares which includes 30,000 greggy pínes to be replanted in the development at later stage.

RANCHO EL KIWI enjoy an incredible Rural View to “Los Picachos”. The highest Mountains in the Area, in an ecological area, free of noise and pollution.

This Fabulous Ranch is just:

  • 40 Minutes drive to the International Airport of Queretaro.

  • 1.30 Hours drive to the International Airport of Leon Guanajuato.

  • 2 Hours drive to Mexico, City

We have a tax free document. And the Kiwi is Free of Legal Problems.

Detail Featured Review
  • Ref Number: ABC-300000
  • Price:
  • San Miguel a Propiedad : 9.5 Kilometros
  • Hectáreas : 102 Hectareas
  • CNA Concesión : 360,000 m3 Agua
  • Precio por Hectárea ( $ MN ) : $2,941,176
  • Pozos : 2 Pozos
  • Pulgadas del Tubo del Pozo 1 : 8 Pulgadas
  • Pulgadas del Tubo del Pozo 2 : 2 Pulgadas
  • Bedrooms : 3
  • Bathrooms : 3
  • Garages : 2
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